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Quality in Home Repair and Remodeling

For any home owner, home repair and remodeling is an emotional as well as monetary investment, not to be taken lightly. With more than 20 years in the construction, home repair and remodeling industry, Jacob Reid Remodel & Built has the proven experience to make certain your investment pays off.

Jacob Reid Remodel & Build creates the living, dining, play and work space that embraces your lifestyle. Contact them today at 206-795-9550.

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Attention to Remodeling Detail

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Estimate Fees:
Basic estimate - up to two hours of time-  $100

Extended Estimate - over two hours of time - $100 + $60 for each additional hour

Paid estimate fees are applied to the cost of project.

Jacob Reid Remodel & Build takes pride in meticulous attention to detail. Whether it’s a simple kitchen cabinet repair or a complex remodeling project where your home improvement vision is discussed, created, and realized, Jacob Reid Remodel & Build uses a variety of skills gained from decades of construction and remodeling industry experience to make those visions reality.

“Home repair, remodeling and renovation is what I’m really good at. Satisfied customers will tell you: I’ve helped them visualize, create, and live in their dreams. Contact me today to discuss how we can make your home repair or remodel dreams a reality.”

Jacob Reid, Founder,
Jacob Reid Remodel & Build
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